Bergen Skyrace

Cancelled 2020

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are sorry to announce that Bergen Skyrace is cancelled this year. We have had some obstacles that we have overcome and was ready to open registration. But we got a new obstacle that we do not see an early solution on. We do not have any other choice than to cancel the race in 2020. Hope to be back in 2021.


The race is a cooperation between the local clubs  Varegg Fleridrett og Fri IL 

We are looking for sponsors, if you want to be your sponsor. Then tack contact with us. 


Test race

We arranged a successful test race the 27. Juli 2019, in extremely hot weather. With starting at Osavatn 8 p. The course was 38 km and 3300 meeter of accent. Winner Anders Kjærevik 06:26.36 and female winner Hilde Fenne 06:48:23. 

Skjermbilde 2019-07-28 kl. 10.44.17.png